Little Boss (2017) – Hindi Dubbed Movie

Watch Hindi Dubbed Movie “Little Boss,” Starring :Nani, Haripriya, Bindhu Madhavi, and more.
The Story is about Praveen Jayaramaraju aka PJ who is the grandson of a wealthy Zamindar Pedda Ramaraju. PJ is an irresponsible and an arrogant youngster who is spoilt by the pampering and excessive money. His grandfather writes a will with several conditions before he dies. His will states that PJ would inherit the entire wealth only if he completes his graduation as a common man without any luxuries. Watch Full movie to know more.

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PJ now has to not only complete his degree course but he must do it within three years and he should study in a government college in a small village called Siripuram. The will also states that PJ needs to stay in a hostel in Siripuram and manage living with a very little money. He goes to the village and meets the warden of the hostel Rajanna. He begins adapting to the situations and changes his lavish lifestyle. He starts to understand the value of life and human beings. He becomes good friends with Kanna Babu, Jaatheeyam, Maqbool and others. After hilarious scenes of how PJ stuggles to fit, PJ takes the quarter exams and with the help of Sindhu, PJ passes it. Months after he joins the college, another condition of his grandfather is revealed.

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