Dilwala Baazigar 2 (2017) – Hindi Dubbed Movie

Watch Hindi Dubbed Movie “Dilwala Baazigar,” Starring : Vijay, Sonia Agarwal, and more..
Madureyvel in the first half is Madurey, a vegetable vendor along with his friend Pandu . Madurey is a do-gooder and protector of the family of Kamatchi and her two daughters. Madurey eradicates loan sharks and fights “bad guys” in the market. The usual hero worship is shown and only a clue of a policeman saluting the vendor gives you an inkling of what is to come. Watch Full Movie To Know More..

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Meanwhile, Anitha has a liking towards Madhurey and manages to win him over from Maheshwari. Now Kamakshi’s eldest daughter Susheela , who was working with Madurey was killed and her mother blames it on Madurey and shoots him down. It’s turn of the film to shift to flashback track.

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