ATM (2017) – Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Movie:- ATM (Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani )
Starcast:-Bharath, Nandita, Bharath, Manobala
Directed by:- L. G. Ravichandhran
Music by:- Simon
The movie starts of with Sigamani as a young student refusing to go to school. His father, after having heated arguments with the school teacher, says that his son doesn’t have to go to school anymore. Thus, Bharath grows up as an illiterate and uneducated. After 25 years, Sigamani has grown up to be a sidha vaidhiyar, following his family’s roots. Watch full movie to know more.

Full Movie

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There is also a marriage broker in this story,Vijay Sethupathy,who tries very hard to find an educated girl for Sigamani. But he is unable to. Due to the fact that Sigamani is uneducated, he is easily cheated by his friends(Badava Gopi,etc…). His only trustable friend is PaalPandi, who follows his wherever he goes. In desperation to get married to an educated girl, Sigamani plans to wait outside a college to find a girl to love. He then sees Nandini and decides to go after her. One day, both Sigamani and PaalPandi follow Nandini and finally end up in her house.